Three of The Best Nutritional Shakes For Adults With Chronic Illness

nutritional shakes for people with chronic illness

Getting the right nutrition when you’re living with a chronic illness can be tough – especially during a flare-up. Perhaps you’re too fatigued to cook, feeling too much pain, or can’t hold solids down. 

On the days when you don’t feel up to eating, but still need to get enough nutrition, meal replacement shakes can be a lifesaver. But knowing which ones to go for can be a minefield.

We tested a few to give you the download. Here’s what we found.

Bodyhero – the plant-based, vegan nutritional shake


Bodyhero nutritional shakes

The Bodyhero range, launched by Coldplay’s Guy Berryman and Andy Birch, former Product & Fitness Director of Virgin Active Health Clubs, is definitely one to try.

Each serving blends lectin-free pea proteins, chicory root, stevia leaf, naturally occuring MCTs and nine essential amino acids – making it a great option for those looking for a plant-based option.

With most people failing to consume the average recommended 30g of fibre per day, many of these nutritional shakes deliver up to 44% of the daily recommended fibre content in just one serving.

Our verdict

Bodyhero products are free from major allergens like dairy, lactose, soy, fillers and more, which went down well with us. We tested the plant-based rich chocolate protein shake, which delivers 20g of protein per serving – delicious!

Where to buy

The Bodyhero range can be purchased directly from the Bodyhero website and offers a range of nutritional shakes, vegan protein bars, and powders, starting from £2.50 per serving.

Nourish by Jane Clarke


Jane Clarke nutritional shakes

Made in the UK, from the finest, organic, and natural ingredients including milk, fruit, and chocolate, each 330ml, fully recyclable carton contains the perfect blend of calories, protein, and essential vitamins and minerals in four delicious flavours.

Containing 26 essential vitamins and minerals, 12 grams of protein and four hours of slow-releasing carbohydrates, these nutritious drinks are ideal for anybody facing physical and psychological eating difficulties due to conditions such as IBS, diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, as well as eating and neurological disorders.

Jane Clarke, BSc SRD DSc who was the 1st dietitian and cordon bleu chef to set up a practice in Britain, and has worked with Jamie Oliver on his revolutionary school meals campaign, and advised celebrity clients such as David Beckham.

Our verdict
These tasty drinks are packed full of goodness, and the most indulgent of the three. While they’re beautifully creamy, they do contain dairy, which might not be for everyone. Tip: Nourish nutritional shakes also makes great ice cream! 

Where to buy

The Nourish nutritional shakes range is available online, either as a one-off purchase, or as part of a subscription. Prices start from £15.80 for a pack of four drinks.

Dare – plant-based vegan shakes with added botanicals


Dare motivational shakes


These nutritionally complete plant-based shakes were developed by A&E Doctor, Ben Hamida, who was desperately trying to find a quick and healthy meal solution while doing shift work as an emergency medicine doctor for the NHS.

Each serve blends seeds, superfoods, herbs, phytonutrients, pre and probiotics, and all 26 essential vitamins. It also contains 100% of the recommended daily intake of panthothenic acid, folic acid, riboflavin and niacin, and is high in iron, zinc and magnesium too.

Our verdict

We love the branding of Dare nutritional shakes – and they taste great too. Our favourite was the Cocoa and Peanut Butter powder. Watch out though, if you’re sensitive to naturally occurring stimulants like Maca root, be sure to check the label.

Where to buy

Dare nutritional shakes are currently on offer at £27 per bag of powder, each with 15 servings. You can grab them on the Dare website. 

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