Using Play Therapy to Help Children Make Sense of Change

Play therapy for going back to school

With schools soon set to reopen, you might be wondering how to help your child make sense of the ‘new normal.’

The key, the British Psychological Society says, is in using play to enable children to understand change happening in their lives. And to aid parents, carers and education professionals, it has created two short films that offer helpful advice.

The first film highlights the benefits of using play to help children understand the changes they are experiencing, and gives tips on using play to support their wellbeing.

The second film offers expert advice from educational psychologists and experts in play about its role in supporting learning and promoting children’s wellbeing – particularly as they return to a very different school environment.

Melernie Meheux, Educational Psychologist and Joint Chair-elect of the BPS division of Educational and Child Psychology, said:

“The Coronavirus crisis has been a new and unusual time for all of us, adults and children alike. Play is a fantastic way of helping children make sense of what’s happening in their world and enables them to process their emotions, whether they’re excited and happy, or feeling anxious and unsure.

“We know schools will look different for children as they return to the classroom, so it’s really important children are given the opportunity to use play to process their feelings and understand their new environment.”

If your child is due to go back to school on Monday, you can also check out the British Psychological Association’s guidance on supporting re-engagement and recovery.

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